The jury announced the short list of the Literary Prize “Idea of Unity” of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Georgia.

The jury evaluated the 33 long-listed books based on the following criteria: the relevance of the work to the concept of the Literary Prize, its impact on the development of the spirit of the ideas of unity and tolerance in society, artistic value of the text.


The following works are  shortlisted for the “Idea of Unity” – Literary Prize:

  • Nino Sadghobelashvili, “The Birthday”, Intelekti Publishing, 2021
  • Iva Pezuashvili, “Bunker”, Intelekti Publishing, 2020
  • Lado Pochkhua, “Eniki Beniki”, Indigo, 2020


The literary award of the embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany „Idea of Unity“ will be awarded to the author for the best work that deals with themes of artificial borders between people and fights against authoritarian and totalitarian regimes. The work should emphasize the ideas of unity and tolerance and the will to tear down divisive walls.

The winner will be identified at the Award ceremony on 29th of September 2021.

The jury members of the Literary Prize are: Lasha Bakradze (Director of Literature Museum), Natia Mikeladze-Bakhsoliani (Translator), Zurab Karumidze (Writer), Zaal Andronikashvili (Literary Critic), Maia Pandjikidze (Translator)

The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Literature Initiative Georgia would like to thank all authors and publishers for participation, as well the jury members for their work.