About Us

Georgian Literary Initiative is a Non-Entrepreneurial (Non-Commercial) legal entity established in accordance with the Civil Code of Georgia. Institutional development support for organization is provided by Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

The Goals of the organization are:

  • Enhancing intercultural dialogue and development of literary and cultural relations.

  • Development of the literary process in Georgia and, in cooperation with partner organizations, implementation of relevant initiatives and projects.

  • Sharing current literary and cultural processes and experiences in the Caucasus region for Georgian and foreign audiences.

  • Develop and implement relevant initiatives and projects to strengthen the freedom of speech and expression of representatives of the literary and artistic spheres in cooperation with local and international partners.

  • Provide discussion platforms for representatives of the literary and artistic fields to analyze the challenges, increase professional skills, share experiences or discuss other issues.

  • Raising the awareness of the representatives of the literary and artistic spheres on the legal issues related to their activities.