Literary Award “Idea of Unity” by Embassy of Federal Republic of Germany

Unity and integration

Eleven months after the fall of the Berlin wall, on October 3rd, 1990, unified statehood was restored.

Germans know that unity is more than the fact of living in a single state. Time and again, they discuss the question to what extent the societies of the West and East have become a single whole.

The relationship between unity and diversity is a fundamental question for every society. Authoritarian actors speak of unity, but are eager to draw dividing lines against their designated enemies. Who wants true unity, free of coercive pressure, must recognize differences and diversity and work for overcoming obstacles to mutual understanding.

The literary award of the embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany „Idea of Unity“ will be awarded to a author for the best work that deals with artificial borders between people and with the fight against authoritarian and totalitarian regimes. The work should emphasize the ideas of unity and tolerance and the will to tear down divisive walls.

  • Publications should be published by Georgian publishing house for the first time in 2019-2021;
  • Publications should be from the following genres: fiction and non-fiction;
  • Collections of articles are not accepted;
  • Woks published only in E-book format are not accepted;
  • Literary Award is worth 8000 GEL.
  • Publications should be physically submitted from 1st of February 2021 until 1st May 2021; Address: “Stamba”, Merab Kostava str. 18, Tbilisi.
  • Works have to be submitted to the Literature Initiative Georgia only by Georgian Publishing Houses;
  • Applicant publishing house should provide 5 copies for each publication (provided books will not be returned to applicant publishing houses
  • After identifying the winner Publication, the German Embassy reserve the right to donated all submitted copies to different organizations, for example: schools or libraries);
  • Publishing house should provide statement paper for each publication with clear definition why particular publication is allegeable for the award (max 250 words).
! Due to corona virus restrictions, please contact us in advance submitting all required materials: Tel. 593153615
  • Shortlisted nominees will be announced in the beginning of September;
  • One winner will be identified at the Award ceremony that will be held on 3rd of October 2021.
  • Lasha Bakradze (director of literature museum)
  • Natia Mikeladze (translator)
  • Zurab Karumidze (writer)
  • Zaal Andronikashvili (literary critic)
  • Maia Pandjikidze (translator)

Contact information

For further questions, please contact Mrs. Nino Nadibaidze on the following email: